Ward Churchill on Peace Has No Borders


As a member for life of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, I will carry to my grave the psychic scars accruing from my participation in America’s genocidal aggression against Southeast Asia. My memories of the era are vivid, not only of the war zone, but of the resistance into which I merged after returning to […]

LCIFF Profiles: Deb Ellis


“For better or worse, we didn’t know what we were getting into. But, we felt strongly about following an activist movement, and this story seemed perfect for us … There were tremendous ups and downs over the years. Reality has a funny way of intervening in the best laid plans! We got ourselves into the story and didn’t crawl out until the Harper government was voted out of power by the Canadian electorate in 2015.”

Check out the full interview here: LCIFF Profile http://www.lcifilmfest.com/news/2016/10/21/lciff-profiles-deb-ellis

June 2016 Update


We are excited to let you know that “Peace Has No Borders” is ready! We’ve started sending it out to a few select film festivals. Our plan is to work on festival, educational and broadcast markets first. Then, we look forward to making “Peace Has No Borders” widely available on both digital and DVD platforms. […]